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Packing Tape 48mm x 80m (Clear)

Packing Tape 48mm x 80m (Clear)
Packing Tape 48mm x 80m (Clear)
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Clear - No Color Type OPP Tape / Box Sealing Tape/ Packing Tape for Carton Box

Size: 48mm x 80 Meter 

OPP Tape is one of the common type of packing tape being used widely in warehouse and product shipping. It has a strengthen structure along with polypropylene resin stabilisation, which offers outstanding qualities. It is handy for a wide range of applications including packaging and sealing.

Packing tape is manufactured from BOPP film and has a clear, unique water-based acrylic adhesive coating. Due to its high resistance and tensile strength, it is lightweight, printable, and has good adhesiveness. OPP Tape has moisture-resistant properties, it can resist different pollutants and hazardous chemicals. This makes it ideal for securing cargo loads and packaging.

  • Lightweight

  • Reduce damages to products due to bad weather conditions and during transportation

  • Resistant to moisture, humidity, and other environmental pollutants

  • Suitable for an industrial, domestic, and shipment packaging requirements

  • Can be used for the product identification

  • Printed OPP Tape serves as a security seal to prevent any tampering

  • Accepted worldwide


OPP Tapes have a wide variety of applications in different industries.

  • Used for packaging of food products and sealing

  • Used for printing, lamination, and electrical applications

  • Shipping, wrapping, bundling, and packaging

  • Perfect for sealing pallets, merchandise, and cartons

  • Excellent for both machine and manual application

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